Blog #15

The chapter I read from They Say/ I Say was about quotes. I chose to read this chapter because it always takes me a long time to start off my quotes and how to put them into my work. When I put them into my work, I have been running into the problem that they … [Read more…]

Blog #14

My first goal is to make my paper organized and keep my ideas together. My second goal is to create a strong thesis statement. Lastly, my third goal is to make my claim connect better with the information in my paragraph. The steps I plan to take in order to accomplish these goals are to … [Read more…]

Interview on narrative

I interviewed Michelle on a narrative that has affected her life. This is very important in her life and she strongly shows this in her life today, so I thought this would be a good fit for an interview after we were talking about life earlier in the day.

Blog #13

At the age of 19 years old, I have not thought about my life as a story. I think that at my age, it is young to start basing my life and personality off of only a small part of my life.  I feel that the events in my life make me who I am, … [Read more…]

Blog 12

“Pretty much from birth, people are “actors.” They have personality traits, they interact with the world, they have roles to play—daughter, sister, the neighbor’s new baby that cries all night and keeps you up” (page 7). At this moment on the seventh page, it made me reread and think a little bit more. I never … [Read more…]

Peer Review #2

  Jeremy- You did very well in your paper, but there were a few main places that could use improvement. I would include a conclusion to wrap up your paper. In your main body paragraphs, you include many interesting points that have a lot of supporting details, but in one paragraph that I commented on … [Read more…]

Blog 9

The ideal relationship between art and science in my major is important. Lehrer said science needs the arts like the news, newspaper, and articles because it brings in new ideas that can improve our future in many different ways. “By heeding the wisdom of the arts, science can gain the kinds of new insights and … [Read more…]