My Recursive Writing Process

Skills that I hope to transfer from ENG 110 to future courses: 

Throughout the semester of English 110, I have learned various new strategies for the stages of writing that I can transfer to future courses. My favorite active reading strategies are reading the text twice and annotating because these skills help me gain a better understanding of the point the writer is trying to get across. After I used my active reading skills, I found my favorite brainstorming strategy to be making an outline. As I made an outline, I put basic claim sentences down as a start for each paragraph, so then I would free write any ideas that came to my mind about the claims. This has helped me tremendously in chemistry lab reports this semester. Lastly, the strategy that I believe will be the most helpful for my future courses in anatomy and chemistry is peer editing because it allows for another person’s eyes to reread what you wrote to catch mistakes that you are not aware of. I hope these skills carry into all of my future courses and along into pharmacy school to improve my writing continuously.