Learning Outcome 5 and 6

In high school, I knew that I needed to cite my sources, but I always used online websites to do it for me. I never knew what MLA format was until I was taught by Elisha. She taught us with the book The Little Seagull, which I believe was a very effective way to learn how to cite the sources. The book gave an example of an MLA citation and an example from the book was each part of the citation labeled with the information that was supposed to be in a certain part of the quote.

This made me realize how much information online websites left out. I am now able to create a Works Cited page on my own with the correct information for my sources as shown on my Significant Writing Project. I have learned a lot about the process of citing the sources and how important it is to cite them. Also, My local revisions have improved tremendously throughout this semester. I found the little videos and TED Talks to be very helpful in editing and writing my papers. I have always struggled with where the commas go and the video gave me a clear view of where to insert one. I believe that learning ways to correctly make local revisions and cite in MLA format have helped me grow as a writer throughout the course and I hope to continue to use these methods in future courses.

Showcase Writing Process