Peer Review #3

Paige, I enjoyed reading your paper. You had very many strong points on how you do not believe narrative can tell your life. I liked how you talked about your Papa, but I think you should tie that back to how narrative cannot tell your life story a little more clearly. It should not take very much, but something explaining how emotions are a big part of your life story. You add this info into the story about your Papa but need a small tie to narrative to make it clear of what you are trying to say. Overall, this was very organized paper. The one thing I would change is the second paragraph is very long. I think it would make the paper stronger if you broke this into two paragraphs to get more of a point across. The only thing that was missing was the work cited page, so just make sure to include that in your final copy. Good job ๐Ÿ™‚


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